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A good script and good visual content require an equally good voiceover that delivers a compelling message or learning experience. Bill Hill Voice works with video content producers to provide voiceover services that will engage the listener and deliver the tone required by the material.

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Corporate Video Voiceover

Brand Videos
Onboarding Videos
Company Culture Videos
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YouTube Videos
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Mobile Apps
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Technical eLearning Voiceover

Educational Videos
Instructional Videos
Troubleshooting Videos
Product Demo Videos
Product Comparison Videos
FAQ Videos

Voiceover Can Make All The Difference

Businesses are continually looking for ways to attract and engage with their target audience. On-air has been the traditional method, but more and more companies are using online platforms as a way for their businesses to communicate. A professional voiceover talent has the skills necessary to deliver your message in an engaging and informative way. Let Bill Hill Voice help you with your upcoming projects.

We Make it Easy to Work With

Bill Hill Voice helps clients deliver quality projects in a timely manner and within their budget. Our professional quality home studio is well equipped for projects where audio files can be delivered to complete a project quickly. We also have access to a Source-Connect enabled studio for remote recording and work with other voice talent if more than one is needed.

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